New Trends and Technologies in HVAC

New Trends and Technologies in HVAC

by | May 7, 2024 | Air Quality, Cooling, Heating, Products

Just like any other technology, the HVAC industry is in a constant state of evolution. New systems are being introduced, trends are emerging, and consumer needs are evolving. These needs often arise from a desire for efficiency and space. Older HVAC systems, for instance, tend to be larger in size, and current homeowners are keen on maximizing their living space. By staying updated with these trends, you can make informed decisions that can enhance your living or working environment.

At Great Guys Colorado, we pride ourselves on being industry experts, which means that we stay up to date on all current trends and HVAC technologies. Here are the most prominent trends that we have on our radar:

Air Purification

Recently, there has been a big push towards increasing air purification and overall air quality. This is often done residentially and commercially through an optimized HVAC system. This might include advanced air filtration techniques or air purification systems. A common sign that you should explore your air quality is constantly feeling stuffed or sluggish without feeling sick. Or, if golden hour in your home highlights more dust than you’d like, an air purification system might help.

EPA Regulations

The EPA is constantly revising its regulations regarding HVAC equipment and associated chemicals. It can require equipment, tools, processes, or chemical upgrades that all licensed HVAC suppliers and providers abide by. The most recent AIM act is intended to improve refrigerants used in residential HVAC systems.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

While not always practical in residential applications, VRF systems are calibrated to use the least amount of refrigerant needed to sufficiently heat or cool the structure. These systems are becoming more common in apartment complexes, commercial buildings, and office spaces.

Smart HVAC Systems

There are new smart thermostats and sensors on the market, and these systems integrate with your HVAC and your WiFi, making it easy to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere in the house (or the world). They have also been proven to decrease energy costs when calibrated correctly.

Energy Efficiency is a trend for two main reasons: environmental and economic. Energy efficiency within any building often leads to savings on energy bills and related expenses. Creating energy-efficient systems is also more environmentally friendly, making it a popular option for those who are trying to go green. We know that only some people stay up-to-date on HVAC-related trends and technologies, but our team at Great Guys stays informed so that we can best serve our customers. If you are curious about installing a trending technology in your home or business, contact us today so we can help.


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