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Great Guys Premium Performance Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance is the best way to ensure peak performance and trouble-free operation of your home systems. Regular maintenance helps you to avoid system failures in severe hot or cold weather when you rely on your equipment most.

Well maintained systems operate efficiently, conserve energy, and save you money!

Our expert technicians use a system performance and efficiency check to ensures all of your systems are operating at peak efficiency year round.

Great Guys VIP Member

You’ll Enjoy the Following Benefits:

  • Regular maintenance and careful inspection of your system every year!
  • Member specific promotions!
  • Discounts on after hours / emergency fees, repairs, and new equipment installations.

As a VIP Member, You Are Guaranteed:

  • 2 complimentary preventitive HVAC maintenance visits (based on plan selection).
  • 1 complimentary annual electrical safety inspection.
  • 15% discount on service repairs.
  • 5% discounts on new equipment installation.

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Benefits of Having Regular Maintenance

Lowered Cost
Without maintenance, your home systems slowly decline in its level of efficiency. This can drive up electrical and gas bills, as well as take a toll on the environment.
Fewer Repairs, Breakdowns, & Replacements
Taking excellent care of your equipment can extend their lifespan. Regular seasonal maintenance can catch minor repairs early, that left undiagnosed or repaired can cause system breakdown. Having your systems checked annually can save you money, and save you from downtime repairs when you rely on your system most.
Extending the Life of Your Heating & Cooling Equipment
Furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, swamp coolers, air handlers, electrical panels and other key components of your home systems work best when they are routinely checked, cleaned, and serviced. One malfunctioning part can create wear and tear on related parts, causing an entire system to break down. Diagnosing problems ensures repairs are timely and cost effective.
Safe Equipment, Safe Home
Even a small leak in a heat exchanger or a poorly connected wire could create safety issues in your home. During the seasonal visits our Great Guy’s technicians will inspect you HVAC and electrical systems to discover any safety issues that could prevent carbon monoxide exposure or potential fire hazards. This gives you the peace of mind that you systems are operating properly and safe.
Regular Maintenance You Can Do Yourself
  • Change your filter regularly. Filters technically last 3-6 months, but environmental factors, pet hair, and other irritants can impact the life of the filter
  • If you have an electronic air cleaner, check indicator light to see when it is dirty
  • Remove debris, grass, leaves from around outdoor unit. Ensure the power is off, and use a hose and gently rinse the unit. Ensure no foliage bushes, leaves are touching your unit – units need at least 18” of free space around them to function properly
  • Ensure your indoor registers are not blocked by furniture or rugs
  • Periodically check the expiration date on your smoke detectors to ensure they are up to date
  • Utilize the test function on your carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they up to date
Great Guys VIP Maintenance Plan

Without a plan, it’s easy to forget to schedule routine maintenance/safety inspections or to get an appointment when the season has arrived. Our VIP members enjoy peace of mind knowing they are taken care of and receiving optimum care. We want all our customers to run efficient, safe, and hassle free, peak performance equipment year round.

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