How Air Purification Can Help Keep Your Allergies at Bay

How Air Purification Can Help Keep Your Allergies at Bay

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Air Quality, Blog, Maintenance

At Great Guys Colorado, we are Denver Metro’s Premier Choice for any HVAC needs. As natives of Colorado, we understand the rugged climate our state brings, including some intense summers. We know all about pollen season, the elements that affect you, and the importance of air purification for your home. 

The pollen season runs long here in Colorado, typically starting in late March and lasting through summer and the beginning of fall. Each type of plant only releases pollen during certain times of the year. Pollen allergies in Colorado are primarily triggered by pollen from grasses, trees, and weeds. Some of the more prominent trees that give off more pollen are Cottonwoods.

Pollen Allergy

Pollen can look like fine, yellow, or white dust in the air. It can also appear as a light layer on outdoor furniture or cars. Some trees, like pine trees, release pollen that’s visible as a fine yellow dust that covers surfaces. High-density pollen areas are any major cities in The Front Range. This is due to the significant amount of cottonwoods, ash, and oak trees in these areas.

Pollen allergies occur when your immune system identifies pollen as a harmful substance. This triggers an allergic reaction, resulting in symptoms such as:

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Scratchy throat
  • Fatigue

When these plants release pollen into the air, it can quickly enter your home and exacerbate your allergy symptoms.

The Role of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are devices designed to remove small, unnoticeable to the naked eye particles from the air, including pollen, dust, pet dander, and other allergens. By removing these particles, air purifiers can help reduce the amount of allergens in your home, ultimately providing some allergy relief.

High-efficiency particulate Air (HEPA) Filters are one of the most common filters in an area with high pollen – you’ve probably also heard of these filters on airplanes, as they are used to recycle the air on flights. These filters can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency – these particles would need to be 83x larger for the human eye to see them. Since pollen particles range from 10 to 100 microns, HEPA filters are highly effective at trapping them, even when you can’t see them.

Using an air purifier in your home can provide many benefits, especially for those suffering from pollen allergies. These include reducing allergy symptoms, improving sleep quality, increasing respiratory health, and enhancing indoor air quality.

Regular maintenance on your HVAC systems and air purifiers, such as replacing worn components and cleaning air ducts, helps prevent the accumulation of dust, pollen, and other particulates. When you become a Great Guys VIP, we will come by for regular maintenance in the spring and fall and carefully inspect to ensure your home has the best air quality before pollen season arrives. Or, if you’re already seeing pollen around your home, we can help with that, too. Your standard VIP plan gets bi-annual checkups, during which you can discuss air quality with your technician. They will also let you know if you have pollen or dust buildup.

Why you should choose Great Guys

The answer is simple: it is because our technicians are honest and reliable and aim to improve the lives of the customers we serve. We pay extreme attention to detail and are concerned about doing the right thing for every customer we serve, so our customers keep using us for their needs. We receive five stars every time our customers review our service and team because of the excellent care and attention we give to every one of them.

Air purifiers are valuable tools for fighting pollen allergies. Investing in a high-quality air purifier and incorporating other allergy management strategies can create a more comfortable and healthier living environment. Schedule a time with Great Guys today!


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